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Titus Performance
500+ Cubic Inch Small Block Ford

Available in: Aluminum or Iron

Engine Block, Redesigned based on the 351 Cleveland, Aluminum or Cast Iron, 9.2-9.7 Deck Height, 2-piece Rear Main, 1-piece Rear Seal

Cast Iron Block: $4,800

Aluminum Block*: $7,000

*Recommended for most applications


We accept


Made in the USA

Ships from Maryland, USA

OEM Clevelands and Windsor-based blocks don't have the strength to accommodate the amount of power we can make with today's power adders. The Titus Block – designed to withstand as much power as you can make – keeps the best parts about the 351 Cleveland's architecture  and improves the design, making it even better than the original.


This means more power, more cubic inch capacity and MORE FUN.

Titus Block Features
  • 500+ Cubic Inches

  • Raised Camshaft

  • Accommodates 4.600”+ stroke Crankshaft

  • Accommodates 4.200” Bore

  • Accommodates Larger Journal Camshafts

  • Standard or Custom Lifter Locations

  • Thicker/Wider Main Caps

  • 2pc Rear Modular Main Cap

  • 1 pc Rear Seal

  • Zero-Leak Gold® O-ring Block Plugs

  • Coated Bronze Cam Bearings

  • Heavy Duty Redesigned Thrust Plate

  • Available with 14 or 18 Head Bolts

Block Features
2020 Titus Block Updates

Raised Camshaft centerline:

  • Allows larger stroke crankshafts and larger journal cams without connecting rod to camshaft interference.

  • Improved valve train geometry and stability

  • Timing sets are more readily available than standard 351 Cleveland sets with more options of timing gears from stock type to billet adjustable.

  • Thicker thrust plate is more robust than stock 351 Cleveland allowing more room for thrust bearings

  • Lighter timing gears

  • Lower timing gear has proper hub and ID for aftermarket Windsor snout crankshafts

Redesigned Main Caps

  • Main Caps are 22% stronger

  • Total weight of all caps has not been increased due to new design modular rear cap

  • Added option for front and rear splayed main caps. Exterior oil pump required for splayed front main cap

New Block Plugs

  • Block plugs have been redesigned and lightened

  • Aluminum anodized plugs replace plated steel plugs

  • Plugs now have a secondary sealing surface

  • Galley plugs are now AN O ring plugs instead of NPT

2020 revisions DO NOT affect crankshafts, camshafts, oil pans, timing covers or other Cleveland bolt-on parts.

Titus Performance maintains inventory of timing sets for the raised cam feature.

Timing Sets have no increased price over standard Cleveland sets (higher-end billet sets are actually less expensive than standard Cleveland billet sets).

The Billet Cam Belt Drive has been redesigned to accommodate the increased crank to cam centerline.

Titus Technical Specs


Specs listed are for a standard replacement block with no options.

Torque Specs - 1-5 outer bolts:
7/16”, 55 ft lbs
Torque Specs - 1-5 center bolts:
½”, 95 ft lbs.
Finished to .8745 - .875
351 Cleveland
3.990 or 4.115 unfinished
Deck Height - Standard Windsor:
Deck Height - Standard Cleveland:

This block should be prepared and assembled by an experienced, professional engine builder.


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